Technical Features:Pressure: up to 1379 bar (20.000 PSI)Test Pressure (PT): PS x 1,43 / 1,3 / 1,5Warranty: see dedicated pageFree maintenance dampeners or better calledresonator pulsation dampeners are typicallyinstalled on the suction and discharge sides ofthe API 674 or API 675 process pumps, very closeto the suction and discharge nozzles.Resonators are used, instead of bladder ordiaphragm pulsation dampeners, with clearadvantages:1. Very high reduction of the dischargepulsation; the exact value dependsespecially on the pumped fluid features andpiping connections. It is typically higherthan 60%.2. Complete customization, as per customersrequests and projects specification.3. There are no wearing or moving parts in thefull equipment.4. It’s a dampener completely withoutmaintenance.Construction material can be customizeddepending on the pumped fluid and end.userspecification; as a standard, FOX dampeners arein stainless steel AISI 316 L but materials like:DSS (Duplex Stainless Steel), SDSS (Super DuplexStainless Steel), Alloy-20, Hastelloy-C andCarbon Steel can be foreseen and painted, asper FOX painting procedure for marine andcorrosive environments or as per end-userspecification.Volumes can be customized up to 5.000 liters;FOX is always suggesting to share all thenecessary operating conditions, in order to be ina position to select the most appropriate volumefor your pump.The operating principle of the resonator is theresonance. The frequencies compensationgenerated by the pulsations are reduced by theinternal design of the resonator and a key factoris the pumped fluid compressibility value (bulkmodulus) that has to be considered while sizingthe resonator.Process connections (in & out flanges) arecustomized as per the requirement of thecustomer, as well as their position. As a standarda 180° is considered but we can foresee a 90°angle on the outer flange.The same level of customization is foreseen forthe vent & drain connections, as a standardwithout counter-flanges. We can consider blindflanges with all the relevant bolts, nuts andspiral wound gaskets or metallic ring joint,depending on the flange type considered (RF orRTJ).
  • Product Attributes

    • Materiaal
      • AISI 316 L
    • Nitrogen VolumeLt
      • 5000.0
  • Pressure Attributes

    • Max PressureBar
      • 1379.0

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