Technical Features:Pressure: up to 1379 bar (20.000 PSI)Test Pressure (PT): PS x 1,43 / 1,3 / 1,5Warranty: see dedicated pageLow maintenance dampeners or better called “lowmaintenance flow-through suction stabilizer” aretypically installed on the suction sides of the API 674or API 675 and usually combined with sphericalresonator BHP series installed in the dischargenozzles.The HGV series is used, instead the standard bladderor diaphragm pulsation dampeners, with clearadvantages:1. Complete customization, as per customersrequests and projects specification.2. The accidental failure of the bladder / bellowdoes not compromise the operation since theavailable liquid volume ensures its properfunctionality.3. It is a dampener useful to stabilize the flow andsuction pressures on pumps, where high loadlosses, high vapor pressure and low NPSHa arepresent.Construction material can be customized dependingon the pumped fluid and end-user specification; as astandard, FOX dampeners are in stainless steel AISI316 L but materials like: DSS (Duplex StainlessSteel), SDSS (Super Duplex Stainless Steel), Alloy-20,Hastelloy-C and Carbon Steel can be foreseen andpainted, as per FOX painting procedure for marineand corrosive environments or as per end-userspecification.The elastomer material are available in NBR, HNBR,EPDM, FPM, HYTREL, Butile, Polyurethane, PTFE.Volumes can be customized up to 5.000 liters; FOX isalways suggesting to share all the necessaryoperating conditions, in order to be in a position toselect the most appropriate volume for your pump.Process connections (in & out flanges) arecustomized as per the requirement of the customer,as well as their position. As a standard a 180° isconsidered but we can foresee a 90° angle on theouter flange.The same level of customization is foreseen for thevent & drain connections, as a standard withoutcounter-flanges. We can consider blind flanges withall the relevant bolts, nuts and spiral wound gasketsor metallic ring joint, depending on the flange typeconsidered (RF or RTJ).Mechanical life: the number of cycles is inverselyproportional to the increase of the compressionratio. For pulsation dampener applications, thenitrogen value must be from 60% to 80% of theworking pressure also in relation with the type ofpump and the working temperature
  • Product Attributes

    • Nitrogen VolumeLt
      • 5000.0
  • Pressure Attributes

    • Max PressureBar
      • 1379.0

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