Technical Features:Pressure: up to 1379 bar (20.000 PSI)Test Pressure (PT): PS x 1,43 / 1,3 / 1,5Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, exoticmaterialInstallation: verticalThe HGVS damper series extends themechanical life of valves, actuators and otherhydraulic components reducing vibrations andpressure pulsations into the system. It issuitable for every hydraulic connection; itprovides a wide range of volumes up to 5.000liters and customizable size depending on theapplication. Its main application is thedamping of the pulsation in the suction ordischarge of triplex pumps.Warranty: see dedicated pageSpare parts: see dedicated pageAvailable:- Outside epoxy painted as per standard FOXprocedure or as project specification- Bladders in HNBR, NBR- Connection with flange SAE 3000 – SAE 6000,ANSI B16.5 or UNI/DIN- Special connection on request- HGVSX series in AISI 304L/316L- High pressure version
  • Product Attributes

    • Nitrogen VolumeLt
      • 5000.0
  • Pressure Attributes

    • Max PressureBar
      • 1379.0

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