Hydraulics from Helac

Helac is a manufacturer of helical hydraulic rotary actuators and PowerTilt tilting couplers. For over 50 years, Helac has been a premier supplier for optimized engineered solutions used to move, support and position rotating loads. Their extensive line of compact and powerful rotary actuators, as well as their innovative construction attachments, offer simple and cost effective solutions for countless applications.

Helac products at AHydraulics

To provide our customers with the hydraulic rotary actuator suitable for their specific needs, we offer the possibility to customize the actuators. are able to customize the actuator at our workplace. In addition, we gladly give advice for your specific challenge. Our specialized hydraulics testing bench can handle pressures of over 500 bar, allowing us to test all our products for quality. Contact us for custom advice in finding the right hydraulic solution!

Specialist in helical rotary actuators

When founded by Paul Weyer in 1968 under the name Weyer Machine, the company focussed exclusively to helical rotary actuators in 1982 and changed its name to Helac. In 1988 the PowerTilt construction attachment was introduced. Today, Parker-Helac has grown to over 300 employees in a 155,00 square foot manufacturing facility in Washington. AHydraulic allows customers to directly order Helac’s helical rotary actuators online.