Relief Valves

Relief Valves are normally used to limit the pressure in the circuit at the setting value or to protect other elements from pressure peaks. We offer a variety of Relief Valves available in two versions: direct and piloted. We have a wide variety of Relief Valves available for you. 

Control system pressure

Relief Valves are usually installed directly downstream of the pump to control system pressure. Once setting pressure is reached, the Relief Valve connects the line where is installed to the tank, without exceeding the setting value in that certain line. Relief Valves can also be used in other parts of the circuit to protect isolated components. Piloted Relief Valves are used for greater flows.

AHydraulics Relief Valves

At AHydraulics we distribute reliable Relief Valves and other hydraulic components. We supply to every country in the world. Not sure which Relief Valve best suits your hydraulic challenge? Get in touch with us and our experts will gladly help you make a decision.