Gear Pumps

A gear pump is one of the most common types of pumps used to pump hydraulic fluids. A gear pump works by using the meshing of gears top pump the fluid by displacing the fluid. Johannes Kepler invented the gear pump around the year 1600. There are two variations of the gear pump; internal gear pumps and external gear pumps. We offer a variety of External Gear Pumps, all reliable and of high quality. Our specialists are able to help you find the best External Gear Pump for your company. 

High-quality   External Gear Pumps

We offer a big assortment of Duplomatic gearpumps. Duplomatic has been in the market of hydraulics and motion-control solutions since 1952. Duplomatic is known for the high-quality Italian machinery.

The difference in the many gear pumps we offer is the displacement they offer and the max pressure they can handle. For example displacement of the gearpumps start from 1 cm3 and goes up to 331cm3. Depending on the amount of displacement needed in your situation, you can use the filters to adjust the displacement. In case of the max pressure we offer a variety of 140 bar to 330 bar. You can use the filters for this as well. If you are not sure on any of the specifications feel free to contact our experts for advice!

AHydraulics Gear Pumps

At AHydraulics we always try to find the best solution for your hydraulic challenges. Our experts are always ready to give you advice for the right machine for the right price. Get in touch with us and we will provide you with great help for a step closer to your new Gear Pump.