Tecfluid, supplier of hydraulic components

For decades, Tecfluid has been investing in human and technical resources to adapt to the times and improve technological competitiveness. Therefore, today’s Tecfluid products are comparable to the most prestigious and technologically advances international companies. The advantage of Tecfluid lies in continuous innovation and tailor-made manufacturing according to the specific needs of each customer. Thanks to them, Tecfluid has started a progressive international expansion and they have presence in more than 50 countries.

Tecfluid hydraulic components at AHydraulics

In order to find the proper power pack or part for your power pack, AHydraulics not only sells hydraulic products. We will gladly give advice, are available for custom design, and deliver parts for systems that have broken down. Our professional hydraulic test bench can withstand a pressure of more than 500 bar, which allows us to test the quality of all products. Let us help you find the right hydraulic solution and get in touch!

Tecfluid provides high-quality products

All equipment produced by Tecfluid must be calibrated before being sent to partners and customers. This work is done by its calibration department, which has its own flow rigs. International standards guarantee the traceability of Tecfluid flow rigs and are achieved by weighting their own facilities. Tecfluid has its own R&D and innovation department to develop new products and improve existing products. Annual continuous investment in new products and technologies accounts for 8% of its total sales. Therefore, this is one of the main keys to its products.