Hose Burst Valves

These are valves installed in the cylinders connections, their function is to stop the outflow of the fluid in case of hoses breaking. When the flow suddenly increases (reaction flow), the valve closes and stops the flow, ensuring the load to keep the position it had at the break instant. Setting pressure is obtained settling the gap T between the plate and the body of the valve. Upon request these valves can be provided with a calibrate hole on the closing plate to control the lowering of the load, or to avoid fluid blasts in the pipes with a little way out of the flow. They are available also already installed inside a steel sleeve. The setting value of the reaction flow depends also on the fluid viscosity. It is then recommended to set the valve at a 30°C of temperature. During its use, below 30°C, the valve will stop lower flows that the setting flow value, on the contrary, beyond 30°C it will stop higher flows than the setting flow value.