Vane Pumps

Vane Pumps are a type of pump that uses vanes mounted on a rotor inside a cavity to displace fluids. This rotor turns, which makes the vanes rotate with the core. The vanes are not fixed in place, but instead are tensioned to maintain contact with the walls of the outer casing. Vane pumps are commonly used as hydraulic pumps or in automobiles. The pump was invented in 1874 by Charles C. Barnes. Vane pumps can also be used to pump gasses, in applications such as air conditioning or air injection systems. Vane pumps are considered less effective in the case of high pressure or high viscosity fluids or gasses.

High-quality   Vane Pumps

We offer a great assortment of Duplomatic vane pumps. Duplomatic has been in the market of hydraulics and motion-control solutions since 1952. Duplomatic is known for the high-quality Italian machinery. We offer fixed displacement pumps from Duplomatic, this means the amount of displacement is set fixed, and can’t be adjusted. Therefore it is necessary to choose the right pump with the right amount of displacement.

AHydraulics Vane Pumps

At AHydraulics we always try to find the best solution for your hydraulic challenges. Our experts are always ready to give you advice for the right machine for the right price. Get in touch with us and we will provide you with great help for a step closer to your new Vane Pump.