Rotary Actuators

A rotary actuator is an actuator that produces torque in a rotary motion. A rotary actuator is essentially a motor that produces torque by spinning. Other types of actuators may be powered pneumatically, hydraulically or by using the energy that’s stored in a spring. The most common actuators are stepper motors, these motors produce a continuous rotation at a controlled speed. Another commonly used actuator is a servo motor. A servo motor is a package of several components like a motor, a gear train, and a position encoder. These types of actuators are commonly used in small electronics. 

Rotary actuators can be differentiating in a lot of ways, such as axial capacity, cantilever mount, cylinder size, drive torque, weight and so on. You can use the filters on our website to find the best rotary actuator for your situation. Our rotary actuators can be used for examples like garbage trucks and aerial platforms. 

High-quality hydraulic Rotary Actuators

We offer a big assortment of AHydraulics and Helac rotary actuators. Our own brand of actuators are made by ourselves, which ensures the quality you would expect from us. Helac hydraulic rotary actuators are produced by Helac, a manufacturer of hydraulic components. Helac has been in the business of actuators for over 50 years. They are a premier supplier for optimized engineered solutions used to move, support and position rotating loads.  


AHydraulics Rotary Actuators

At AHydraulics we always try to find the best solution for your hydraulic challenges. Our experts are always ready to give you advice for the right machine for the right price. Get in touch with us and we will provide you with great help for a step closer to your new rotary actuator.