Piston Pumps

Piston Pumps are pumps that displace liquids or gasses by moving a piston inwards or outwards, instead of rotating any parts. There are two types of piston pump, one version makes displacement possible by movement in any direction, and the other version makes displacement possible by movement in only one direction. The most common used piston pump is the version known to be used in water pumps. Where the handle makes the water get drawn up whilst lifting the handle, and the water comes out when pushing the handle down. In industrial use, the piston pump is very useful when working with high pressures or high viscosities. 

High-quality Piston Pumps

We offer a great assortment of Duplomatic Piston Pumps. Duplomatic has been in the market of hydraulics and motion-control solutions since 1952. Duplomatic is known for the high-quality Italian machinery.

At AHydraulics we offer two main types of piston pumps. Both versions can be used for different applications. The first one is a high pressure axial piston pump, and the other version is a variable displacement axial piston pump. The high pressure version is made for the use with higher pressure or higher viscosity, whilst the variable displacement version is made for the use with different amounts of displacement. This last version is especially useful when working with different types of flows.

AHydraulics Piston Pumps

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