A hydraulic accumulator is a part of a hydraulic system that stores the energy created by the pressure on the hydraulic fluids. Hydraulic accumulators are used as pressure storage reservoirs. They contain hydraulic fluid, and this fluid is pressurized with an external source. A hydraulic accumulator is a component of a hydraulic system. It stores energy created by the pressure on hydraulic fluids. 
A compressed gas accumulator is composed of a cylinder that contains two chambers. These chambers are separated by either an elastic diaphragm, a totally enclosed bladder, or a floating piston. The first chamber, which is connected to the hydraulic line, holds the fluid. The second chamber, on the other hand, is filled with an inert gas, usually nitrogen, and is under pressure. This gas serves as the compressive force on the hydraulic fluid.

High-quality hydraulic accumulators

We offer a big assortment of Fox accumulators. Fox is an Italian company that has been creating different types of high pressure energy storage equipment for years. The company is known for their high-quality products. Their biggest product category is pre charged hydraulic accumulators. These are gas charged with nitrogen.  
Fox offers a lot of different possibilities with these products. Such as bladder, diaphragm, piston; execution with threaded caps, welded body, international shell or patented execution.  

AHydraulics Accumulators

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