HBS Check Valves

About HBS

Since 1967, HBS has been working on their spirit ‘advangarde technology’ in the hydraulic field. Throughout the years HBS has directed their effort to achieve the best results in quality, reliability and development. Their products are successfully utilized all over the world.  

Their Monzambano-based factories cover a surface of 12000 square meters and include the research lab, quality control department and manufacturing department. The company mission is to be more than just manufacturers of hydraulic parts.

HBS Check Valves

HBS Check Valves allow free flow in a certain direction and stop it in the opposite direction. The check valves are built in hexagonal bodies which are made of steel, suitable to be mounted in line with the hoses. HBS Check Valves are available with 3 different setting values: 0.5 bar, 2 bar and 5 bar. Other settings are also possible.

HBS Check Valves are two-port valves which means they have two openings in the body: one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave the valve. The main purpose of a check valve is to prevent backflow in the system. A check valve relies on a pressure differential to work. A higher pressure on the input side than the output side is required to open the valve. Whenever the pressure is higher on the outlet side or the input side pressure is not high enough, the valve will automatically close. Unlike other valves, HBS Check Valves do not need a handle, lever, actuator or person to correctly work.

HBS Check Valves are commonly used when backflow will cause damage to equipment.

About AHydraulics

AHydraulics is an international supplier of high quality hydraulic parts, components and systems. We offer a wide range of HBS Valves which are delivered from stock. Our products are directly orderable online with worldwide shipping.

AHydraulics functions as a full-service hydraulics supplier by not only offering standard hydraulic systems, but also custom design and co-engineering of your hydraulic systems. Additionally, AHydraulics delivers to the spare parts market, is able to test your hydraulic parts in the test bench, and offers free advice for your hydraulic challenge.