HBS Overcenter Valves

About HBS

Since 1967, HBS has been working on their spirit ‘advangarde technology’ in the hydraulic field. Throughout the years HBS has directed their effort to achieve the best results in quality, reliability and development. Their products are successfully utilized all over the world.  

Their Monzambano-based factories cover a surface of 12000 square meters and include the research lab, quality control department and manufacturing department. The company mission is to be more than just manufacturers of hydraulic parts.

HBS Overcenter Valves

HBS Overcenter Valves are employed to control the motion and stop of either one direction of an actuator (for single overcenter valves) or both the directions (for dual overcenter valves). Traditional hydraulic valves are being dislodged in favour of lighter, sleeker and hardier cartridge valves. Hydraulic integrated circuits such as HBS Overcenter Valves eliminate unnecessary tubes, hoses and fittings by offering the ability to be mounted straight into machined manifolds that internally connect the valves rather than external piping as in the case of traditional valves. HBS Overcenter Valves are used mainly for load holding, load control and load safety purposes. Functions of the HBS Overcenter Valves are:

  • Load Lowering Control: lowering of the load is possible only if there is a pilot pressure from the other line. This operation will ensure the oil supply of the cylinder preventing cavitation problems;
  • Arrest of the flow and the load whenever the pump is not working or the directional valve is in neutral position;
  • Containing of the pressure at the setting value: pressure relief for any kind of pressure peaks caused by overloads or shocks;
  • Free flow for load lifting with reduced pressure drops.

HBS Overcenter Valves consist of a body where are placed:

  • Check Valve: allowes the flow in only one direction;
  • Pilot Piston: permits to control the gradual opening of the relief valve;
  • Relief Valve: permits to limit the maximum pressure in the actuator, withholds the load and controls its lowering during the opening of the valve by the pilot signal.

About AHydraulics

AHydraulics is an international supplier of high quality hydraulic parts, components and systems. We offer a wide range of HBS Valves which are delivered from stock. Our products are directly orderable online with worldwide shipping.

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